Letter #17: No energy from you.

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

My eyes are dry from so much crying.

My chest is tired of so much sighing.

My heart is exhausted from so much waiting.

My stomach is sore from such uncontrollable emotions.

My head will soon explode because it can’t stop thinking about us.

My whole body is out of control.

I lost my taste for food.

I lost my rest because even in my dreams I find you.

I lost the excitement of telling you something because now I don’t want to.

You ask me to smile with you again, but I can't.

You ask me to be the person from before, but I can't.

You tell me how happy you want to see me.

However, you don't realise that you are the person responsible for all of this.

You express to me the love you have for me, however, it is not enough to save us both.

You repeat to me how much you missed me every time I see you,

however, you don't say it when we are not together.

You tell me that you are not a romantic person, but that you care for me.

So, why won't you show me what you feel?

The distance between us is inexplicable.

However, the distance between you and me is not because of our geographical location, but because you don't go beyond the filtration.

I thought I was a person who didn't need your words.

I thought I was a person who was not romantic at all.

I thought I was a person who could live with your lack of attention, but I was wrong.

The time has come and I am just tired.

The time has come and now I say goodbye.

The time has come when I leave you to never look back.

You are already making your life without me, I will start making mine without you.

I wish you all the best from the heart for you in your new relationship.

Take care of her love, because now you know that if you don't,

it is going to be another heart that you let go.

Take care of yourself now, because I won't do it anymore.

Text by Letters in Quotes®.

Photo by Warlen G Vasco.

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