Letter #75: You wrote it, I end it.

I have a whole in my heart.

You've made me cry like no one else could.

I've loved you for far too long but, it's enough.

You've started your own family.

I've been lost trying to find my way letting you go.

You've recently become a dad.

I've been trying to not fall out of track because of that.

A few months ago,

You said: 'Do you really think this is it?', while giving me a forehead kiss.

I said: 'Yes', while holding my tears.

Now, here we are...

Everything happened really fast.

This wasn't the plan.

And on top of everything, you didn't have the courage to respect what we had to tell me the decision you have had made... which was to create your own family with her.

I heard the news through everyone else but you.

I thought what we had was special.

I thought you thought we were meant to be.

Now, I know that in fact we were meant to be but, meant to be apart.

You broke my heart. Slowly throughout time.

But, now I know that you don't die out of sadness.

Thanks to you I know how strong my discipline can be.

Thanks to you I've discovered my real value.

Thanks to you I know I'm capable to love despite the distance.

Thanks to you I know that I'm capable to fall in love.

Thanks to you I know that I'm also capable to fall out of it.

Now, I know it is possible to let someone go.

You didn't have the courage to tell me when you did, but I will...

I've met someone else.

It's nothing serious (yet)... but, I'm really happy because for the first time in too long, I'm excited to go on dates and text someone else other than you.

Me hiciste un favor al decidir caminar, dejándome atrás...

O al menos, eso es lo que dicen todos. Estoy segura que en eso sí tienen razón.

I wish you the very best.

From the bottom of my heart,

I want to tell you that your little family looks beautiful, especially your gorgeous baby girl.

I love her name. I wonder where you got the idea from.

You wrote the end of our story with actions.

Today, I end it by publishing it.

This is the last time I write a letter to you.

All the best,


'It's a mess, but it's the most perfect mess I could be ever living'.

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