Letter #72: It’s Sunday again.

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

I’m anxious.

I have a mental block and I can’t think straight anymore.

You said that I was someone toxic so you left me here on my own.

I was dealing with so many things at the moment,

which is why I couldn’t keep myself together.

I already explained this to you while your guard was up

and it seems that this time, there’s no way we can go back.

I know I pushed you away

with the words I knew would hurt you the most.

Fast forward to today

and all I can think about is

what would’ve happened if I would’ve known

how to deal with those emotions.

I’ve made a playlist named: I miss you.

Maybe my words are not enough to reach you.

So, I’m hoping that those lyrics can find you wherever your feet took you.

Because the last time that we saw the moon

while listening Claire de Lune,

I lost track of you.

So many plans we had.

So many dreams we shared.

So many crazy stuff we did.

Those things are not going away, any time soon.

Because, you are tattooed to my skin and soul.

Text by Letters in Quotes®

Photo by Scott Walsh.

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