Letter #68: Do you really know yourself? Test yourself.

We think we know ourselves but, do we really? Test yourself by answering all of these questions. Be honest.

One only rule: Don't skip any question. Once you start, answer it before you read the next one.

Take at least 30 minutes to answer it.

Observe how the way of you seeing these questions changes along the test.

Good luck...

Basic Questions:

What’s your favorite meal?

What's your favorite food during summer time?

What's your favorite food during winter time?

What’s your favorite song to listen to in a car?

What's your favorite song to listen to with your friends?

What's your favorite song to listen to when you are working out?

What’s your favorite movie of all times?

What's your favorite movie to watch when you are sad?

What's your favorite movie to watch when you are feeling blessed surrounded by your friends?

What's your favorite movie to watch with your family?

What’s your favorite junk food?

What’s your favorite healthy food?

What’s your favorite color to wear?

Favorite color for a car?

Favorite color for everything?

Favorite domestic animal?

Favorite savage animal?

Which animal do you identify with?

Favorite singer/music band when happy?

Favorite singer/music band when sad?

Favorite singer/music band when thinking about life?

Favorite attire to wear in cold weathers?

Favorite attire to wear in warm weathers?

What’s your favorite word?

What's your favorite sentence?

What’s your preferred hobby?

What’s your favorite holiday season? Why?

What’s your favorite city in the entire world?

Where would you love to live?

What's your favorite country?

Where’s the spot you would never leave?

What’s your favorite GIF/Sticker?

What's your favorite music beat?

What's your favorite cereal?

What's your favorite toy?

What's your favorite accessory?

What's your favorite beverage?

What's your preferred dessert?

What's your favorite cookie?

What's your favorite type of cloth?

What's the App you use the most?

What's your favorite element?

Basic-Advanced Questions:

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when somebody says your name?

What's one thing that nobody knows about yourself?

What's your first thought after waking up?

How many times a day do you thank for everything you have?

What's your morning routine?

Are you happy with your daily routine? If not, why don't you change it?

Do you know your own priorities?

Do you behave and act according to your priorities or, does your actions are not aligned with your priorities?

How do you behave when you are happy and excited?

How do you behave when you are completely sad?

What’s love for you?

Do you know the 5 universal ways to receive and express love?

Are you aware that your way of giving love is not the same as the others? and viceversa?

How do you express love to someone?

How do you like to receive love from someone?

What's one characteristic that cannot be missed in the people closed to you?

How do you prefer to receive a constructive critic?

Can you handle a negative critic?

How do you express discomfort?

Who makes you feel nervous?

Why does that person makes you feel nervous?

How do you behave when you feel nervous?

What’s your biggest fear?

What’s the body language that you do when you get nervous?

What’s your biggest insecurity?

Who is that one person that will never let you drown?

Who is your biggest fan?

What does it takes for someone to earn your trust?

How do you know that you can trust someone?

How do you behave when you trust someone?

What’s trust?

Who do you love the most?

How do you act when you are truly in love?

How would you define ‘true love’?

Do you believe in 'unconditional love'?

Have you ever felt 'unconditional love' for someone?

Are you able to admit that you are wrong when you are?

How do you act when you’ve made a mistake?

How do you ask for forgiveness?

Do you think you are a Master of your own emotions? Why/Why not?

How do you calm yourself?

Do you consider your decisions to be the best or do you make them by playing with pure luck?

How do you define 'positive aspects about someone'?

How do you define 'negative aspects about someone'?

What crosses your mind when someone tells you all your positive aspects?

What crosses your mind when someone tells you all your negative aspects?

Are you aware that you have flaws as well and these can be related to all those 'negative aspects' that someone once said?

How do you deal when you lose someone that you love?

How do you behave when you lose someone that you love?

Do you act expecting something in return? Don't answer no in automatic. For example, if you give something to someone and you are expecting a 'thank you'... you are already expecting something.

When life presents you with challenges, do you consider yourself as negative or a positive person?

Advanced Questions:

What’s your philosophy in life?

What do you believe in?

How would you define God?

What’s faith?

How do you apply faith?

What’s doing good for you?

How open-minded are you?

What makes a great moment for you?

What do you love about your life?

What do you love about yourself?

What do you want to improve in yourself?

Are your ideas based on what your surrounding believes in, or are they your own?

Who or what is your motto to accomplish your goals?

What’s your lifetime goal?

Is your lifetime goal tangible and/or measurable? If not, how do you expect to accomplish it?

What’s your purpose in life?

What’s a balanced life?

How do you see yourself at 80 yo.?

Do you believe in true forgiveness?

Do you consider yourself as someone that can truly forgive a person that has failed you?

How do you deal with failure?

What’s failure?

How do you deal with success?

What’s success for you?

Why do you do what you do?

What’s happiness for you?

What’s peace?

These are just a few question you should be able to answer about yourself if you really understand the meaning of being alive.

Moral of the letter: Imagine if you could focus more time in knowing and building yourself rather than on the actions performed by someone else... You would unlock your full potential as an independent, present, human being.

"This test makes you realize how disconnected you are from yourself." - Letters in Quotes, 2021.

Text by Letters in Quotes ®

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