Letter #62: Thank you for staying by my side.

I am okay.

I am doing better now.

Only a few know what I’ve been through.

So today I wanna say: THANK YOU.

Thank you:

For for always listening to me.

For borrowing me your shoulder to cry on.

For always picking up the phone no matter the hour.

For making the time to chat with me when you were the most busy.

For being there for me despite the challenges that life was throwing at you.

For always checking up on me.

For staying, even though you knew how hurt my soul was feeling.

Thanks to you, I understand how love and care looks like. So, thank you.

You were the one who pushed me to grab onto my hope and faith.

So today I want to share with you that now I’m strong enough to say this everyday:


For not giving up when I was surrounded by darkness.

For falling back in love with life.

Therefore, I am so grateful for all the unfortunate events

that this last year brought me.

Because, they’ve pulled me closer to you.

They’ve pulled me closer to God.

They’ve pushed me to work on myself and to never give up.

Mentally, emotionally and physically…

I am the strongest that I’ve been.

So yeah, I am okay.

I am doing better now.

I am meeting warm-hearted people.

I am learning to receive only love and less disappointments.

I am more firm with my decisions.

So, thank you for not turning your back on me when I needed you the most.

Thank you for staying.

Text by Letters in Quotes®

Photo by Taylor Smith.

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