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Letter #58: Instead of avoiding, begin to evolve.

Why do I always trip over the same stone?

What is going on inside me that I don't learn from the lessons of my past?

Could it be that I’ve automatically decided to ignore the details that don’t do any good for me just because of the fear of letting go of those crumbs of pleasure?

The problem does not lie in not knowing which action to take to improve yourself.

The problem lies in the action of the decision itself, of simply letting go.

Many times we cling to alternative energy sources to not focus on what is really bothering us.

Many times we choose to be distracted by external agents (i.e. a job), for the simple fact of wanting to forget whatever that it is bringing us down.

Why don’t we think once and for all, to work on the relationship that we have with ourselves prior to establishing an interpersonal and special relationship with someone else?

Why can't we stop thinking that we are the center of the universe and our problems are so big that they prevent us from listening to what others make us see as our mistakes?

Could it be that we are inherently selfish that when we feel overwhelmed with those obstacles that life presents us, we unload all that bad vibes in those people that the only thing they do is give us their best energy?

Currently, I am working on resetting my life settings; betting on everything that brings me back.

This is the last straw. A third one and I’ll go.

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Photo by Pierre Bamin.

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