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Letter #57: Take a deep breath and just keep going.

Life is not always colourful and bright but, it could be grey all the time.

Smiles are limited but they could not exist at all.

Hugs are not infinite but, what a joy to have felt them once more.

Everything can change in an instant.

A relationship of years can end.

A friendship of months, in a relationship can become.

Just as a simple confusion due to a lack of communication, the bond between two people can break.

Life takes many turns that at first glance, can be incomprehensible for our eyes.

The only thing left to avoid losing your mind, is to trust that whatever that it's happening right now, will lead you to your best possible life.

It is true that sometimes sadness and anxiety, due to the resounding changes that life often brings, can overwhelm our ability to think clearly.

It is true that sometimes we don't even want to get out of bed, because the only thing we want is to either return to the past or jump into the future.

However, we must not forget that the present is a gift and, we should never give ourselves the permission of rejecting it.

Every time the moon reaches its peak, learn from the experiences lived through that day; and no matter how good or bad they have been, treasure them because these are the ones that will help you walk more easily.

Every time you open your eyes and see that the sun is at its peak, leave all feelings of frustration, fatigue, sadness, anger, envy, jealousy and shame behind, because a new day had come with new opportunities out front, and there's no space for those negative feelings if you want to accomplish those big dreams.

Life can be complex if you see it as a whole; therefore, stop doing so.

Life is this moment that you are living in right now.

The past is a memory.

The future is a plain idea.

The present is what you have to be feeling and living only.

When you think you can't take it anymore, focus on the little things that life provides for you to feel free.

Observe the sky.

Feel the wind.

Stop for the moment.

Take a deep breath and just keep going.

Never stop moving forward, not even to look back, because you will always get better as long as you are grateful for everything experienced through out your lifetime.

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Photo by Wu Jianxiong.

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