Letter #56: So many voices that I can't hear mine.

So many voices that I can't hear mine.

So many comments that I lose focus on what I really want.

I have a lump in my head that is now transferred to my throat and chest.

I want to run aimlessly ... however, I'm sitting at the desk writing this.

I want to breathe fresh air ... however, the windows are completely open and I couldn't be getting more oxygen.

What's going on?

Why do I tend to put aside my goals, by offering full availability to the ones I love?

Why do I tend to victimise myself if it is the quality, in others, that I least tolerate?

It is too much uncertainty.

Uncertainty with my relationship life, which I don't even have.

Uncertainty with my professional life, which has not even started yet.

Uncertainty with my financial life, which has not even born.

Sometimes the only sure thing I feel I have is my mental and emotional balance. However with the other areas of my life reeling, maintaining that balance is very complicated.

Every day I work to feel good when I go to bed.

However, the actions I had been doing for the past few months are no longer enough to fulfil those daily goals

I can no longer enjoy my vacations because now, I am constantly thinking that I have to start building something for myself.

Now is not the time to have a vacation.

It is time to execute a plan that I can follow every day, which gives me peace in every area of ​​my life.

I need to have my own business.

My personality does not fit to exchange my work and talent for money.

My personality fits to work every day to leave a mark, beyond the economic and financial aspects of somebody's life.

Why couldn't I see that before?

Why am I realising it so late?

Why am I so scared of the idea of ​​trying to grow something on my own?

My heart flutters at 160 beats per minute every time I think about my future.

It is scary to start from scratch.

It is scary not having a stable base to hold on to.

However, if I don't create that basis now, it will never exist and I will always live in the 'what would have happened if I had done it?'

I usually write while being aware of what I express, however at this moment anxiety clouds my view, pausing all possible reasoning in my words.

The only thing that calms those different voices in my head is to keep pressing each key in order to reflect through writing what is inside me.

I tend to forget that everyone is working for their own dreams.

I tend to forget that there is nothing wrong with focusing on yourself.

I tend to forget that now more than ever, I have to take care of whoever I let into my close circle.

Those people who encourage you to be a better person are the only ones you should keep full–contact with.

The people who try to keep you in your comfort zone are the ones you should start to avoid, no matter how hard that may sound.

Simple and easy.

There is no need to give more thought to the matter.

Comfort zones must be momentary.

Comfort zones should only be consider as learning zones.

Once the lesson is learned, you must go to the next page to continue advancing in the book of life.

We came into this life to evolve as a species.

We came into this life to contribute with something to society.

We are NOT here to spend our lives in front of a computer, locked in an office, doing the same actions, over and over.

There's only one life and you have to experience it.

Now it is the time to show who we really are.

'There is no other individual who is like you, so do not be afraid to leave with your head held high'


Text by Letters in Quotes®

Photo by Kenrick Mills.

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