Letter #55: You closed our chapter.

You did let me go.

With every action you didn't make, you unconsciously did set me free.

I used to think that the day when I didn't wait for you call, was never going to come. I was wrong.

I thought you would always live in my mind.I was wrong.

I thought the feeling that I had for you was forever. I was wrong.

You made me realise that even the greatest feeling if not sought eventually fades away.

Several nights went through for so many years, when I only waited for some show of affection or attention from your side and that never came.

Never forget the fact that I gave you the key to my heart and you chose to ignore it.

Today, I tell you that the lock I just changed so that you can no longer enter to your old soft spot.

Today, I tell you for the last time that what you and I once had will never be the same.

Today, allow me to say once again that you are a person who without a doubt I will treasure forever in my heart.

You allowed me to express myself completely.

You listened to me endlessly, over and over again about the same things, usually about all my insecurities and doubts.

You taught me to love someone with all my heart, without caring about the geographical distance between us.

I waited for you for so long...

I waited for you to change for you to show me that I was worth the jump to the uncertainty of having a relationship miles away ... you never did.

They say that 'whatever that you don't take care of, ends', and that is why these are the last words that I write to you from my soul.

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for your care.

Thanks for your always be, my never ending friend...

I love you and always will, but today I close this chapter ... with you in it.

Text by Letters in Quotes®.

Photo by Everyday basics.

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