Letter #50: I'm going to walk with someone else...

You will probably never leave my heart.

It is most likely that I will only 'pause' what I feel for you so that I do not fall because of the pain of missing you.

I will probably never accept the fact that we cannot be together.

I will probably always love you and I will probably just get used to.

When there is not enough distance to stop thinking about that person, you realise that your heart belongs to him/her.

Now that we are not 'something' anymore, I'm going to start walking by someone else's hand.

Our lives have to go on as much as it hurts to accept that thought.

I beg you not to let me go from your thoughts ...

No matter how many years pass, you will always live in mine.

Text by Letters in Quotes®.

Photo by Geoffroy Hauwen.

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