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Letter #48: I need the external distraction to not fall into the emotion.

I miss you.

I miss you so much that it hurts.

I will never see you again and I cannot accept that.

"Why does life tests you with big things at the same time?"

"Why don't things go always as we want?"

"Why do today’s circumstances have to be the way they are?"

I wonder every day about what happened, to see if I can find the reason why this is happening.

My thoughts are positive.

However, this feeling hurts my soul like a razor cutting a raw diamond.

This feeling does not let me smile definitively without my loved ones’ interference.

This feeling drowns every new idea in me.

I need the external distraction to not fall into the emotion.

Walking is heavier since your mailbox is the one that now answers me every time I call you.

The intense headache is constant since you left me with a gigantic, open, untreatable wound.

The food doesn't taste anymore since your phone line is disconnected since the time of your forever departure.

"Why is it that even if I know that I have everything to be happy, I'm still sad about that person I lost?"

I have no idea.

I lived, existed and everything with you.

There is nothing wrong if the time to say goodbye to you has arrived.

And despite everything I know, my heart still hurts because it knows that I just lost you.

Text by Letters in Quotes®.

Photo by Imani.

P.S. After all, I know that this feeling will eventually go and the memory of us will only give me peace when I think about us.

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