Letter #46: Happiness can be scary.

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

It is scary to feel good.

Happiness can be scary.

We tend to worry instead of enjoying the moment.

We tend to worry about the future or about the "what if ...", forgetting to be thankful for what we already have on our side.

When everything seems to line up, it is almost impossible not to worry about the possible disappointment that could be caused if things do not turn out the way we plan them.

It is normal to take sadness and frustration as our comfort zone because it is what our being has been used to for a long time in a row.

It is normal to thunder your fingers at the instant presence of personal well-being.

It is normal to doubt the appearance of luck when it is knocking at your door.

It is normal for success to scare you when you have lived with too many clouds in your head.

It is normal to have a high heart rate when you think about what is coming for you, when you already know that it will improve your lifestyle.

It is part of your existence to tremble and hesitate as it is to smile and dance.

It is nothing strange or abnormal to feel bad or sad.

Happiness can scare you because on the other side disappointment is aligned.

Happiness is you at the wheel driving at full speed that if something bad happens you can crash and die because of it.

However, never avoid the emotion out of fear of something bad happening because what if everything works out perfectly?

Do not forget that when you are scared but excited at the same time, it’s because change is on its way.

Do not forget that your heartbeat is stronger and more powerful in your thoughts when you are ecstatic and excited.

Do not forget that life is about living the emotions that emerging situations make us feel.

Do not forget that your reason will always be there to help you out, therefore you are safe and there’s nothing to worry about.

Just don't let reason stop you from feeling the emotion.

Do everything in your power to achieve what's on your mind.

Remember that if it’s not meant for you, even if you desire it, you will never get it.

Remember that if it’s for you, no matter if you move away from that place, it will find you at the end.

The key is: to fight for what you want from the bottom of your heart, without doubting that the outcome will arrive.

P.S. Happiness is you at the wheel driving at full speed, enjoying the breeze gently touching your skin, enjoying the view in front of you with your favourite person beside you. Enjoy that moment and don't think about anything else.

Text by Letters in Quotes®.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin.

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