Letter #45: What is true love?

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

(Talking about the romantic love)

What is true love?

Loving someone is not the need to be with that person all the time, that is called dependence.

Loving someone does not mean having to be in contact with that person every minute of the day to be able to be at peace with your own life, that is called obsession.

Loving someone is not putting him/her as a priority over yourself.

Loving someone means being aware that either directly or indirectly, he/she will always be in your life.

To love someone is to have the confidence of wanting to tell him/her everything that happens to you.

To love someone is to accept from the heart that the intensity of that feeling is not necessarily reciprocal and you are okay with that.

Loving someone means living your life without suffering from his/her absence.

To love someone is to be certain that the feeling is so strong that sooner or later your paths will be once again intertwined.

Loving someone comes hand in hand with letting go of what cannot be controlled and letting things flow between the two of you.

When you release someone without the feeling of needing him/her anymore, continuing with your own plans, and still remembering him/her with everything that you do, it is because you are already in love.

Doubts do not come in the package of true love.

You know or you don’t if that person is for you.

There are only two answers when you are asked: Do you love him? Do you love her?.

Many people love each other and are not together.

Changing your personal plans for someone else is fear of not falling in love again with someone else.

Never change your personal plans for anyone.

First, love yourself and then love the others.

If the personal goals of the person you want as a couple align with yours, congratulations, time to share yourself then.

If the personal goals of the person you want as a couple do not align with yours, keep that love in a special place in your heart, kiss him/her when you say goodbye for the last time and continue with your already selected path.

It hurts when you don't want the same thing as the other.

It hurts when your goals are different from the other’s.

Sometimes, it hurts to turn back and see everything that was once alive and now it's time to let go.

Always remember that something happened between you two.

Turn pain into gratitude for feeling it.

If you and that person are meant to be together, you will be eventually together.

If you are not together right now, don't look for a reason. Things are as they are.

Work on yourself.

When you no longer need to have 24/7 contact with that person, the moment you feel good about yourself but you keep remembering him/her with every decision you make or with whatever you do ... congratulations, you are experiencing true love.

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