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Letter*#44: Your beliefs limit you, so expand them.

Actualizado: 24 de feb de 2020

Human beings are too complicated.

Why do we always focus on the things we are missing in our lives instead of appreciating what we already have?

Why do we need to lose something to realise what it really meant for us and the importance it actually had in our lives?

Why do we sometimes forget that there can be no good without its bad part?

Why, nowadays, a lot of people forget that there cannot be a natural world without God?


You cannot aspire to an ideal without being real.

You cannot connect with the spirit if you only focus on the material.

There can be no happiness without first going through an unusual sadness.


You should appreciate more with less in all aspects.

You must play with the beauty of the mind so that you can play with the roles of life.

Your very existence must teach you that no matter what happens, you are already here for a single purpose and a reason.

Only remember...

Your beliefs limit you, so expand them.

Your values ​​will be what govern your life so do not lose sight of them.

You can mold your customs, always depending on what you want to focus on.

You are not alone, you have me.

But, most important…

You are not alone, you have yourself.

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