Letter #42: Do not lose hope that your life will improve sooner or later.

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Do not put a filter on your everyday life.

People who love you will accept you as you are.

Do not try to do things just to please everyone.

If you do not act under your own conviction, you will be entering the path of confusion.

There is a reason why God gave you intuition.

If you don't trust yourself, how do you expect others to do it?

Doubts can confuse you such that you end up not knowing where to go.

The same fear of moving forward can stop you from achieving that goal.

Work with your emotions so that they don't control you.

Work with your thoughts so that they are not your only support; on many occasions, they will not be strong enough to help you stand up.

Hope is the best gift and the worst attribute that human beings can have.

How do we know when to stop the feeling of hope like the one a child on a Christmas night feels, waiting for something special to come?

How do we know when the best thing to do is to walk away and leave the problem as it is?

Life is full of scams.

Life is full of hope.

Life is full of selfishness.

Life is full of reconciliations.

Life is full of harmony.

Life is full of cynicism.

Life is full of sadness.

Life is full of surprises.

Life is full of everything and nothing.

Life is bright and it is dark.

Life is grey and it is white.

Your life depends on which perspective you see it with.

Your most basic decisions affect you.

Do not put a filter of who you are not.

With your own actions during your lifetime, you will be located where you need to be, in order to evolve into a better human being.

Do not try to remove yourself from the path you created when making those 'small' decisions during times of silence, tears or anger.

Take responsibility for your own choices.

Do not lose hope that everything has a purpose.

Do not lose hope that your life will improve sooner or later, no matter how complicated it is today.

Do not put a filter on your life because, in the end, it is only yours to own.

And remember, for now, lean with this person who has shown you that he/she has been always there for you whenever you need it the most.

You got this.

However, two is greater than one and facing life as a team will always be better than walking alone through that path.

Text by Letters in Quotes®.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez.

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