Letter #41: Take a deep breath and don't stop walking ever again.

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Crises are good because they help you evolve.

Whenever you are going through something rough, remember that you will be able to overcome it no matter how impossible it appears to be.

You are stronger than you think you are.

Emotions may cloud your vision.

This is when the heart enters to guide your life through intuition.

It is very important to recognise what the reality of our souls wish for against the illusory perceptions we may have.

When you are desiring something in particular from your soul, you do not need the opinions of others to decide over what you really desire.

When something is desired by our illusion; doubts cloud your thoughts and confuse the roads for you, which may end with you not knowing which path to follow.

It is important to accept that making mistakes is normal for us because we are human beings and in our nature it is.


It is important to recognise the damage caused by our actions to return nevermore.

We are all immersed in the process of evolution.

We are all at different times and in different places.

We are all able to forgive from the heart, the only thing missing is the willingness to leave it behind.

You came to this life to learn from nature itself.

You don't have to live many experiences and wait for many years to learn how to progress as an individual being in this life.

With the simple act of observing where you are now, you can save yourself many years in order to reach your goal faster than you think you would.

Do not despair with the ups and downs that you will find on your way through your goal.

Just, take a deep breath and don't stop walking ever again.

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Photo by Casey Horner.

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