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Letter #40: Don't worry about things. Just enjoy life itself.

Having doubts is a good thing because they help us to really trust ourselves.

Doubts are not our enemies, in fact they can be our tools through every growth process.

The one who has no doubts about which way to go is because he has just fallen into the comfort zone.

Conformism has nothing wrong however, it is not for everyone.

When the road becomes rough and blurry, keep moving forward because whatever you do with your heart cannot go wrong or bad.

You have to stop wondering if you are good enough to achieve your goals and start recognizing all that strength that pushes you every day to achieve those.

You are not alone, I am here to walk with you through everything. Trust me.

Whenever you feel lost, turn to that person who has shown you through time that he/she wants to and will be with you, and I assure you that he/she will remind you what is really worth thinking about.

Money is easy to obtain. Therefore, do not worry about that.

Finding a person who is willing to be in all your stages through life is the complicated deal.

If you are one of the lucky people that have already found your unconditional person, turn to the sky while you grab his/her hand, take a deep breath and continue walking because everything will be fine.

If you are one of the lucky people that have a family, grab strength from them, stand strong and go for that path, even though it is full of obstacles.

If you are one of the people who can read this, feel lucky for another day and thank life for the simple fact of being alive.

Nothing bad is going to happen.

There is nothing to worry about because every problem has a solution, and in case that it hasn’t, worrying will not change that fact.

Therefore, don't worry about things that you can change and just enjoy life itself.

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Photo by Ales Krivec.

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