Letter #37: Nobody can make the heart decide.

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

I don’t even know where to start.

All I that know is that I just want to talk to you.

You are the only person with whom I like to talk about the issues that really bother me.

Sometimes, I wish things were different between us.


I did everything in my power to have you by my side and God told me that everything but that, was meant for me to have.

Nothing happens better than how it happens.

I understand that this is not our moment.

I understand that we may never be together again.

I can't help dreaming of you every time I fall asleep while watching all of our memories.

I can't help thinking about you every time I look at the Moon and remember all of the moments we lived, while sitting under the stars, drinking wine and eating chips.

I really don't know if you're going to be my only one for my whole life.

All that I know is that I would run away with you tonight.

Because with you, I have no more social barriers that I have with everyone else.

With you, I am my worst and best version at the same time.

With you, I have grown as a person and I am not forgetting that.

It sounds crazy, youthful and romantic at the same time but your simple presence, helps me to jump all the obstacles and challenges that come to me due to my lack of maturity.

It is probably wrong to put you as a my priority

However, nobody can make the heart decide.

Text by Letters in Quotes®.

Photo by Alexander Popov .

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