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Letter #36: Dear Planet Earth, I am sorry.

Actualizado: 8 de ene de 2020

It hurts me to see what it is happening to you.

It hurts me to see that you are burning and dying in pain every single day.

It hurts me to see how life in you is gradually vanishing.

I apologize for the fact that my actions are taking you to this breaking point.

I apologize for not caring enough to all the past attention calls that people with greater awareness warned us.

I apologize because for many years I saw it impossible for this to happen to you, subconsciously contributing myself to the high fires that now are burning you.

You are my source of life, I ask you one more chance to redeem the damage caused to you by us in the past.

You are my support of hope because every time I see your blue skies, you give me one more breath to the soul.

You are the space in which I have developed, you more than anyone, have seen all of my falls.

From now on, I promise to contribute every single day so that your breathing is better.

From now on, I will not ignore this attention call of yours.

From now on, I will stop taking for granted the home you give me and thus I will take care of you more.

Now, I'm going to shelter you, you'll see.

It is my turn to protect you from the others.

We are going to procure you, just wait and see.

Now please, calm those cries of despair, as I am here for you today.

Please, let us approach those wounds that make you scream because now we just want to help you heal.

Please, stop those flames of yours, that here we are to help you.

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