Letter #34: Dear 2020.

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

I promise to fight day after day to achieve my goals that at 12 am, on your first day, I said.

I promise to be less selfish and listen more to people who need it.

I promise to apply my own advice to improve my own life.

I will stop playing the role of a victim every time an argument doesn’t take the path that I wish.

I will stop making excuses due to a lack of will.

I will stop seeing the glass half empty so I can see it half full.

I will have more patience when working for my goals.

I will be better off when the obstacles come.

I will have a smile for all of those that all they have done is support me through the bad.

I will look for ways to finally express my feelings to that person who provokes them.

I will look for opportunities instead of waiting for them to magically arrive.

I will seek to continue with the lessons I learned last year thanks to the experiences that I lived.

I will give my best effort to achieve all that I truly desire for my own well-being.

I will give my attention and love only to whom I am an important person too.

I will give best attitude to the things that I cannot change.

I will let go of the things that I cannot control at all.

Finally, I will fight to become the best version of myself.

Text by Letters in Quotes®.

Photo by Álvaro Serrano.

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