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Letter #30: The role of a brave person you were just playing.

Actualizado: 8 de ene de 2020

Every action you do pushes me further from you.

Confessing what I feel is what I really want to do.

However, your attitude towards the subject does not allow me to do so.

You think that with pride and ego you will go far, but you are wrong.

You think that the opportunities that you have now are going to stick forever, but you are wrong.

You believe that my feelings for you are forever, but you are once again wrong.

I confess that yesterday I loved you more than I do today.

I confess that it hurts to know you better than I did yesterday.

I confess that your indifference to me, I will not pass it by one more time.

I know that many times I have said "goodbye" to you ... and I never end up fulfilling it.

However, every action you have taken with me is pushing me to finally take

my distance from you.

The day will come, when that promise to get away from you, I will keep it once and for all.

Today I can say that I confused you for someone else.

Until today I thought of you as someone who had the courage to say what you thought.

Today I realise that I created you in my mind with a false image.

Until today I saw you with love eyes and I was blinded to see what was real.

Today I realise the role of a brave person that in my mind you were just acting.

Therefore, I just want to tell you one more thing:

When someone tells you that it misses you from the depths of its soul,

answer it from your heart with love.

Leave your ego behind.

The only thing that you will achieve if you continue like this, is to push all the people who truly care for you.

So, today I realise that I don't want what you can offer me anymore.

I need someone who really feels something strong for me and is not afraid to shout it.

I don't want to be hidden away by anybody else anymore. Not even you.

I need someone who is willing to leave everything behind to come and see me because, from the inside, he is also missing me.

You were living in my mind for many summers ago.

Today I affirm that it is the last winter that you stay here at all.

You will always be in my heart.

You will live in my memory as the person who made me see that true love does exist.

Because so far I recognise it like this:

My mission with you was not to discover true love in you but to feel it towards me.

Your actions pushed me to accept me as I am today and to hug me strong like I never did before to never let me go.

Today I love myself enough to accept that you are not enough for me.

You are not enough for me because you cannot offer me what I need (and I am not talking about material things).

You cannot give me the attention and love I deserve. Therefore, 'goodbye' I must say.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me to really love myself enough to not stand up your egotistical attitudes anymore.

Goodbye my love.

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Photo by Jon Tyson.

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