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Letter #29: When will be the day?

Actualizado: 8 de ene de 2020

When will be the day that I stop asking and start acting myself?

When will be the time that I will trust my own decisions without fearing that they will tear me apart?

When will I be an individual who treats its thoughts out of respect and with love?

The fact of not accepting what I feel is not accepting what I think.

Failure to accept what I think means that I do not accept myself at all.

All motivational books tell you that you have to start by accepting yourself as you are.

However, nobody ever tells you that accepting yourself sometimes means ignoring what 99% of people expect you to do on your own.

Therefore, I no longer want to be tied to the thoughts of others anymore.

I want to free myself from all the ideas that surround me and start over once more.

My mind has become like a hamster's cage. It keeps going around in the same place.

My mind has become a prison from which even when I go to sleep, I cannot escape.

My mind sometimes I think it plays dirty tricks to me.

However, my mind is one of the things I would not change a bit.

My mind has taken me to where I am today.

My mind has allowed me to meet all the people around me today.

My mind has awakened unimaginable things within my being.

It is not changing your mindset so that you do better in life.

It is all about changing your attitude.

It is all about accepting what your heart truly wants, without expecting the rest of the world to understand.

The key is to decode the complicated language that the soul uses to speak to us.

The key is to decode the unique message that God has for us.

The key is knowing how to hear the solution to the problem, which we already know.

The key is to act with the head but also with the certainty that our heart is also being heard.

"When will be the day that I know how to apply the key to life?"

The day that you are tired of feeling always bad, that is going to be the moment when you will tell yourself: it is now or never, because I am tired of feeling this way.

Everything has its time though.

Just be patient.

Just enjoy the moment of now, because that is what life is about.

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Photo by Jeremy Ricketts.

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