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Letter 14.02: The best thing about my situation is that I don't miss anyone in particular.

Actualizado: 15 de feb de 2020

Another day on the calendar where all I see everywhere are my friends, family and acquaintances expressing love to their partners.

Another day where I buy a whole pizza to sit in front of Netflix to spend the afternoon in the company of Grace and Frankie.

Another day that the chocolate industry increases its sales.

Another day that due to the ice cream consumed my pants are about to burst.

February 14, another day that I've spent in the company of just my friends.

But, you know what? I don't mind not having anyone to kiss or spend my time during this "special" day.

I am happy with my current situation.

Would I like to have a partner with whom to create magical moments as well as romantic photos? Yes. Do I need it to be able to live my life and be happy? I do not.

There must be a reason beyond my understanding of why I don't have anyone walking by my side.

The best thing about my situation is that I don't miss anyone in particular.

I am better than all of those who are suffering for someone.

No one has ever left their mark on me, strong enough for me to cry.

Therefore, eternal singleness is in my favor because of the fact that my heart has never been broken before.

I don't miss any particular caress, but seeing the mellow people on this day, no doubt lights a part of me that I wish I didn't have.

I try to excuse myself with the idea of ​​"I'm only working for me and for no one else" as if those in a relationship were not complete by themselves.

However, I know that I just need to face the fact that yes, I am okay with my life but having a partner is also something that I would like.

So, I can't tolerate ignoring what I want anymore, even if I haven't been able to change that result at all.

February 14, another day to test my patience with the facts that I cannot change.

February 14, one more day to appreciate the relationship I have, with the only person who's going to be with me for the rest of my life: ME.

The right person with whom I share my life will eventually arrive.

And I know that, that person will arrive when I am ready to commit to a relationship.

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