Feeling lost?

Yeah, that’s part of the process.

Feeling like you don’t know what you want?

Good, you are one step closer to the answer.

Are you more intolerant to things you don’t like?

Great, there’s your chance to prove you have evolved.

Life is not hard.

People tend to believe what they have been told since they were born.

People tend to confuse challenges with problems.

Problems are non-existent.

If a ‘problem’ has a solution, work on it. That 's about it.

If a ‘problem’ does not have a solution, why do you keep holding onto it?

A challenge on the other hand, it’s something that will test you up to your breaking point.

A challenge will put you down to your knees, tears in your eyes and desperation in your heart, when motivation is lacking in your life.

A challenge is just another battle that you need to fight.

And life is that fantastic, that it will only give you one that will bring you light.

Remember, not every battle is yours to take.

Not even if it involves a loved one.

Feeling lost?

Good, that’s just life guiding you, towards you.

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Photo by Averie Woodard.

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